It’s been a while

August 30, 2012

Thanks Colonist for drawing my attention to the fact that I have not posted in ages. One reason is my life is so busy. Having a toddler in the house is challenging but I absolutely love it. The other is that I am just extremely busy at work.

Nerys is 12 months and 3 weeks old and since the day after her first Birthday she walks everywhere. Honestly I was expecting her to start sooner because she definitely had the confidence, but was relieved that she waited a while. We had a little birthday party for her while we were in the UK. Yes, we’ve also been in the UK. We went to visit The Taff’s family in Wales and travelled to England and spent some time with his sister too. We flew to the UK the day the Olympics started but didn’t go near any of the events. It was everywhere, much like it was here during the Soccer World Cup 2010. Wonderful gees, not that any of the pommys or taffs know what that is . We spent a few days in Wales then travelled to Wiltshire to see a very good friend. She took us to Avebury, where we saw a crop circle. This is the actual circle we were in.

When we left Wiltshire we travelled to Ilfracombe in North Devon. What a beautiful little seaside town? We stayed with a friend of The Taff’s sister. She was the most welcoming host considering she didn’t know us. She fed us and gave us a bed to sleep in for a whole week. I will definitely keep in contact with her. After Ilfracombe we went back to Porthcawl in Wales. That is The Taff’s home town. We enjoyed the rest of our holiday there.

Picture of my angel a couple of days before her Birthday

My booby baby! I can proudly say that I am still breastfeeding and will continue to do so until Nerys decides it’s time to wean. I am a La Leche League leader applicant and hope to help other ladies in the journey to breastfeed their baby’s. It is really one of the most special relationships ever and I am so glad that Nerys and I have it. I really love this saying :”Best to compare breastfeeding with kissing in a new love relationship.Who is counting?Just have fun and get very good at what you are doing.With numbers comes judgement,with pleasure,comes desire.” Nicky Lee

Have an awesome day!


Nursing nightmare

May 24, 2012

Last night was the first night that I didn’t like my daughter. I love her to death and I will never not love her but I didn’t like her. I know it was only a mistake, an accident and she didn’t intentionally hurt me, but the pain!!! I was peacefully sitting on the couch nursing Nerys and we both nodded off. The effects of a long day at the office and the wonderful hormones released when you nurse. So my little angel must have lost her latch on my breast and her little mouth slipped to a closed position on my nipple. She then proceeded to clamped down on my nipple with her brand new EXTREMELY sharp little teeth. She has 4 of them and another 2 on the way. As a result of me dozing, I got a fright and jerked, ripping her off my breast, as her sharp teeth ripped through my nipple. I think it was more painful than child birth. The Taff had to take her off my hands. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t comfort her and give her love… remember, she had also been sleeping which was rudely interupted with a scream of pain . I know I should have pressed her face towards my breast and not ripped her off, but I wasn’t alert enough to realise what was happening and reacted with instinct, which it to get the offending item off your body… and quickly!

I am still in so much pain. I cleaned the nipple with soap and warm water last night and then put breastmilk on it. I nursed her through the night on the healthy breast and this morning nursed her on my sore side. I wanted to cry, but I know I must continue nursing her. Again I cleaned the nipple with soap and warm water and put breastmilk on the wound, which I will continue to do through the day. I really hope that by tonight I can nurse her with less pain.

Lesson learned – NEVER, NEVER rip a nursing baby with teeth off your nipple, it WILL cause harm! and you won’t like your angel very much, which is a horrible feeling!

9 Months

May 11, 2012

So my baby girl is 9 months old today.  She has breathing almost as long as I carried her.  She is the biggest blessing of my life.  Nothing I have ever done before compares to the miracle that is Nerys.


Happy 9 months my baby girl… Mummy loves you more than life it’s self.

How things change

May 10, 2012

Before I fell pregnant I never imagined that I would nurse a day in my life.  The thought repulsed me.  Now, 9 months later almost to the day, I can barely believe that I once thought that.  It is so far from where I am today.  Now I’m in the process of becoming a La Leche League leader… that’s how far my thought process has come in a short 9 months.  Breastfeeding changed my life and the way that I thought to such a degree I can barely believe it.

My baby is just about still a baby, when I look at her now she is more like a toddler, but she’s still my baby.  I know it’s only a matter of time before I start getting  “Are you STILL breastfeeding?”  Somehow, it’s not normal.  I read a fascinating essay yesterday – “Watch your Language” by Diane Wiessinger, MS, IBCLC.  She goes into the dangers of talking about breastfeeding as if it’ not normal and that saying things like “Breast is Best” is actually damaging.  We shouldn’t be singing the praises of breast milk, rather highlighting the dangers of formula feeding.  In our society we speak as though feeding formula were normal when in actual fact, it’s breast feeding that’s normal.  We need to start speaking from a place where breast feeding is normal and not the other way around.

I believe and know that I am doing the most normal and natural thing by breastfeeding my Nerys, it’s “you” that needs to change your thinking and attitude, not me.

And the fun begins

February 20, 2012

I am such a proud Mummy.  My little angel was standing with the aid of a table yesterday.  She pulled herself up and was standing for ages trying to reach anything on the table.  She is so active, as soon as she gets mobile, we are going to have our hands so full.  She has just about got the hang of crawling, I reckon by the end of the week she would have mastered it.  I’ll keep you all updated Laughing



So Nerys is 6 months old now and everybody is asking when I am going to start solids.  I am taking my lead from her like I do with everything.  World Health Organisation and La Leche League say infants should be exclusively breastfed and are definitely not ready for solid food until at least 6 months and then watch for food readiness.


It is disgusting that some baby food companies suggest that certain porridges can be given to infants from 4 months.  They are definitely not ready.  A baby is ready for solids when they can pick up, put in mouth, chew and swallow a substance.  A baby is not ready for solids when a mummy wants to force a spoon in it’s mouth.  Most babies will push their tongues out when you try and put porridge in their mouths.  That’s a reflex to to indicate that they are not ready for solids.  Whole foods such as fruit and veg are also preferable to any types of porridge.


Like I said, Nerys is starting to grab for food off my plate so I am going to offer her some steamed carrot this afternoon and see what she does with it.  If she eats it, I will try her with some sweet potato tomorrow.  If not, we will offer it again in a couple of days.  She will have what she wants when she is  ready.  In the meantime, my body is supplying her with all the nutrition she requires.  Thankfully breastfed babies don’t need more milk as they get bigger as breastmilk just changes to accomodate their needs.


Have an awesome week Cool

Mummy Fail

February 16, 2012

So I feel just awful!! My gorgeous angel face planted off the bed this morning. Not sure who cried more, me or her. Every morning Nerys sits on the bed and keeps me company while I get dressed for work. She is just about crawling

and decided to try perfect it this morning. My stupidy, I should have known better than to put her on the bed. Going forward, she will definitely be on the floor. I only turned around for a second to get my shoes out of the cupboard and I heard a thump. I knew straight away what had happened. I think we both started crying at about the same time. Her reaction delayed due to shock and mine as realisation hit. I feel so absolutely dreadful and am dreading going home tonight. When I see her little bruised nose and lump on her head I’m going to cry all over again. I really feel awful. My Mum said she’s glad it was me with Nerys and not The Taff, because I would have been so angry if it had been him who had allowed her to fall off the bed. Instead, he was so supportive and tried to console me. What an amazing husband I have? I am so lucky.

The love of my life

February 15, 2012

This is the love of my life, she was born on the 11 Aug 2012 and I can’t imagine my life without her.

Duck for Dinner

This is her the other night in her “bath”.  It’s a Tummy Tub.

Have an awesome afternoon!