And the fun begins

February 20, 2012

I am such a proud Mummy.  My little angel was standing with the aid of a table yesterday.  She pulled herself up and was standing for ages trying to reach anything on the table.  She is so active, as soon as she gets mobile, we are going to have our hands so full.  She has just about got the hang of crawling, I reckon by the end of the week she would have mastered it.  I’ll keep you all updated Laughing



So Nerys is 6 months old now and everybody is asking when I am going to start solids.  I am taking my lead from her like I do with everything.  World Health Organisation and La Leche League say infants should be exclusively breastfed and are definitely not ready for solid food until at least 6 months and then watch for food readiness.


It is disgusting that some baby food companies suggest that certain porridges can be given to infants from 4 months.  They are definitely not ready.  A baby is ready for solids when they can pick up, put in mouth, chew and swallow a substance.  A baby is not ready for solids when a mummy wants to force a spoon in it’s mouth.  Most babies will push their tongues out when you try and put porridge in their mouths.  That’s a reflex to to indicate that they are not ready for solids.  Whole foods such as fruit and veg are also preferable to any types of porridge.


Like I said, Nerys is starting to grab for food off my plate so I am going to offer her some steamed carrot this afternoon and see what she does with it.  If she eats it, I will try her with some sweet potato tomorrow.  If not, we will offer it again in a couple of days.  She will have what she wants when she is  ready.  In the meantime, my body is supplying her with all the nutrition she requires.  Thankfully breastfed babies don’t need more milk as they get bigger as breastmilk just changes to accomodate their needs.


Have an awesome week Cool


2 Responses to “And the fun begins”

  1. I agree with you Ds, 4 months is too early. If there’s a breast feeding problem then its a different story. She is too gorgeous!!!

  2. colonialist Says:

    Any minute from now and she’ll be giving you cheek and demanding high-heeled shoes!

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