It’s been a while

August 30, 2012

Thanks Colonist for drawing my attention to the fact that I have not posted in ages. One reason is my life is so busy. Having a toddler in the house is challenging but I absolutely love it. The other is that I am just extremely busy at work.

Nerys is 12 months and 3 weeks old and since the day after her first Birthday she walks everywhere. Honestly I was expecting her to start sooner because she definitely had the confidence, but was relieved that she waited a while. We had a little birthday party for her while we were in the UK. Yes, we’ve also been in the UK. We went to visit The Taff’s family in Wales and travelled to England and spent some time with his sister too. We flew to the UK the day the Olympics started but didn’t go near any of the events. It was everywhere, much like it was here during the Soccer World Cup 2010. Wonderful gees, not that any of the pommys or taffs know what that is . We spent a few days in Wales then travelled to Wiltshire to see a very good friend. She took us to Avebury, where we saw a crop circle. This is the actual circle we were in.

When we left Wiltshire we travelled to Ilfracombe in North Devon. What a beautiful little seaside town? We stayed with a friend of The Taff’s sister. She was the most welcoming host considering she didn’t know us. She fed us and gave us a bed to sleep in for a whole week. I will definitely keep in contact with her. After Ilfracombe we went back to Porthcawl in Wales. That is The Taff’s home town. We enjoyed the rest of our holiday there.

Picture of my angel a couple of days before her Birthday

My booby baby! I can proudly say that I am still breastfeeding and will continue to do so until Nerys decides it’s time to wean. I am a La Leche League leader applicant and hope to help other ladies in the journey to breastfeed their baby’s. It is really one of the most special relationships ever and I am so glad that Nerys and I have it. I really love this saying :”Best to compare breastfeeding with kissing in a new love relationship.Who is counting?Just have fun and get very good at what you are doing.With numbers comes judgement,with pleasure,comes desire.” Nicky Lee

Have an awesome day!


3 Responses to “It’s been a while”

  1. colonialist Says:

    I am so glad I gave you a nudge! Fascinating doings. Did you visit the Avebury Ring? Bigger than Stonehenge. We were there on our last visit.
    Ilfracombe is very cute. Makes me think of the song ‘In Ilfracombe ba tat’.
    Nerys has certainly grown, and looks quite like our little G in many ways. Ahead of her in walking, though – she was lazy about that and only started properly at one year three months.

    • damsailor Says:

      Yes Col, thanks for the nudge. We most certainly did visit Avebury ring and also the very old tree. It was a wonderful holiday.

      • colonialist Says:

        Seems so. btw – I think I flipped my lid on that Ilfracombe thing. The ba tat song relates to Ilkleymoor, of course. But there is a bar in Ilfracombe called that for reasons unknown.

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