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Mummy Fail

February 16, 2012

So I feel just awful!! My gorgeous angel face planted off the bed this morning. Not sure who cried more, me or her. Every morning Nerys sits on the bed and keeps me company while I get dressed for work. She is just about crawling

and decided to try perfect it this morning. My stupidy, I should have known better than to put her on the bed. Going forward, she will definitely be on the floor. I only turned around for a second to get my shoes out of the cupboard and I heard a thump. I knew straight away what had happened. I think we both started crying at about the same time. Her reaction delayed due to shock and mine as realisation hit. I feel so absolutely dreadful and am dreading going home tonight. When I see her little bruised nose and lump on her head I’m going to cry all over again. I really feel awful. My Mum said she’s glad it was me with Nerys and not The Taff, because I would have been so angry if it had been him who had allowed her to fall off the bed. Instead, he was so supportive and tried to console me. What an amazing husband I have? I am so lucky.